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coil slitting machine manufacture

Metal slitting machine is a kind of equipment for longitudinal slitting of wide-volume material.
Metal slitting machine is mainly used for slitting metal coils: This is also the mainstream of the current metal shearing equipment, the market is often visible. Such as sub-strip steel, stainless steel, copper ... ... It is mainly used for steel processing manufacturers (steel market operators, rolling mills, the electrical industry, automobiles, stampings, etc.).
Structure of the metal slitting machine: by the unwinding (unwinding), lead positioning, slitting slitting, coiling (winding) and other components of the device. Its main function is to cut the length direction of the wide web into a narrow web of certain size to prepare for other processing operations in the future.
Metal Slitting Machine Advantages: reasonable layout, easy operation, high degree of automation, high production efficiency, high precision work, can process a variety of cold-rolled, hot-rolled Coil, silicon steel, stainless steel, Cai Ban, aluminum and after plating or After the coating of various types of sheet metal.

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