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Slitter steel shaft machining specifications

Slitting machine mainly by: feeding car, uncoiler, school machine, slitting machine, waste edge winding machine, tension machine, winding machine, unloading device and other components.
The base welded steel and steel plate, qualitative treatment;
Fixed Torii, thick 180mm-1; Activities Arch 100mm-1 thick; welded steel plate, aging treatment, boring machine precision machining;
Activities archway manual movement; Slider material: QT600; Knife shaft lifting worm synchronous lifting, hand wheel manual fine-tuning, lifting reciprocating accuracy of not more than 0.03mm;
Tool shaft: diameter φ120mm (h7), the effective length of the shaft: 650mm, key width 16mm; material 40Cr forging, quenching and tempering HB240∽260, roughing, IF processing, grinding, hard chrome plating, Greater than 0.02mm, shoulder runout is not greater than 0.01mm.
Knife shaft rotation by universal coupling (2), synchronous gearbox, power from AC15KW frequency control drive. Synchronous gear box: steel welding, the qualitative treatment, boring machine precision machining bearing holes, gear 40Cr forging, quenching and tempering HB247 ∽ 278, quenching HRC38 ∽ 45.
Tool Shaft Locking: Nut Locking Tool, Left and Right Rotating Nut Each 1;
Blade diameter: ф240mm

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