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High frequency straight seam welded pipe unit common fault

Welder common fault
Welding machine fault is relatively speaking, and the cause of the fault is also more complicated, often a result of a variety of reasons, or one can cause several results. Some troubleshooting is tricky. Here we first make a brief description of the accident.
1 scratch
In the welding machine appeared in the main cause of the two parts of the scratch, one guide agencies, and second, extrusion welding agencies.
1. 1 guide scratches the body
The scratches of the guide parts generally occur on both sides of the tube blank. If the guide structure with the guide sleeves is adjusted unreasonably, the upper and lower surfaces of the tube blank will also have rubbing scratches which are characterized by the comparison of the wound surface Large, strong continuity. Mainly because of the height of the guide sleeve is not correct, or the upper and lower guide roller bearing damage, can not control the tube, so that the guide sleeve with the formation of friction. In addition, when the guide roller deviation from the rolling center line is too large, the guide sleeve and guide roller axis relative difference is too large, it will also cause both sides of the tube scratches.
1. 2 Extruded welding organization scratched
Squeeze roller caused by scratches, mainly in the bottom of the tube, the reason there are about the following:
1.1 hole does not match the weld extrusion structure with two roller, three roller and four roller, as long as the combination of the hole is not consistent, it is easy to cause the surface of the tube scratches, two roller structure is particularly prominent. Cause the hole is not consistent with many factors, to two roller structure, for example, such as bearing damage; roller axial movement; hole size is not the same; two roller height position is not the same; shaft bending and assembly instability and so on.
1.2 height matching The lower edge of the squeeze roller hole type should be consistent with the height of the rolling line, and the guide roller height is determined by the tube wall thickness. If the height of the guide roller is reduced to a certain limit, the edge round of the squeeze roller type will cause scratches to the bottom of the tube, especially after the R roll of the squeeze roller type sharpens, Easier to happen.
1.3 Extrusion pressure roller is not enough, especially the two-roll structure of the squeeze roll device, when the squeeze on the lack of pressure, the tension in the tube used, the roller will appear on the elevation, the hole edge R circle Prominent corner, resulting in the lower part of the tube scratch. When the squeeze roller R-type razor sharpening, it will aggravate the occurrence of scratches.

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