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Welded pipe unit in leveling what effect

Leveler is in the production of products, the product after the unwinding, will want to use curved steel strip leveler!
There are five or three types of strip levelers recommended for cold-formed sections: roll, seven-roll and nine-roll. Most of the open cold-formed steel is the use of five-roll, closed-end cold-formed steel most of the seven-roll type. Small and medium-sized welded pipe unit is normally used five or seven-roll leveling machine, and some use of thin-strip welded pipe unit can not set the leveler.
It is also possible to quickly convey the strip to a looper. Of course, by repeated elastic plastic strip leveler all roll, strip through the roller leveler between the two rollers bent and get leveling, the more the number of repeated bending cycles, leveling process The smoother, leveling the higher the quality.
Leveler operation is still a bit complicated, in use may encounter this or that problem, so we need to do what kind of adjustment operation:
Friction roller wear in the common time, that is, to a larger pressure or can not be leveling when the roll should be changed, this will often encounter!
When the wave is uneven after correction, we need to immediately adjust the pressure on the archway to increase the pressure on the entire upper roll. Of course, when adjusting, we must pay attention to personal safety!
Strip out of the rear end of the leveler bending down because the exit end of the lower roller position can be properly raised;
A straightening out of the end of flat steel strip bending upward because the pressure on the roller is too large to adjust the exit end of the roll to reduce the pressure;
Long time after using the leveler, the strip will appear folded, twisted, curling, large sickle bend and other defects in the leveler stuck, will have to manipulate the hydraulic cylinder to lift the archway, the new flying pipe Mechanical advice in the defect after the pressure on the archway, so that the steel strip can be cut under the cut. Leveler can not go through two layers of steel.

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