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Slitting machine equipment maintenance, maintenance and processing failure

When it comes to the maintenance and repair of slitting equipment, we actually need to pay attention to the fact that good maintenance can make the lifespan of the slitter equipment appear longer and ensure that the slitter equipment can have a better operation. Because of this, the slitting machine equipment can also allow users to use more smoothly, so on the maintenance and maintenance of the slitting equipment, we will briefly introduce it.
Slitting equipment prior to use for the lubrication of all cursors cast; equipment on the slide screw nut and its bearings, should pay attention to the use of grease lubrication; after that should pay attention to regularly check the slitter bearing part of the Abnormal sound and temperature rise. Grease should be re-applied when necessary; add a little oil to the slitter table to prevent the slider from moving.
For the maintenance and maintenance of the slitting machine equipment, oil should be added daily before using the equipment. There are eight press-in type oil marks on the reels of the uncoiler and the winder. After that, we actually need to pay attention to the fact that when the slitter equipment is processed, the through creases generated by the width direction of the steel plate are also called waist creases. There are more reasons for this.
When slitting machine equipment is processing, if it is because of the waist crease produced by the knife, in this point, that is, when the outside diameter of the apron on the side of the product is too small, the steel strip will get involved. Knife. The method of prevention is to increase the height of the rubber ring as much as possible without generating a knife mark. However, the use of a layering operation for a narrow number of processing occasions can effectively prevent the occurrence of a reel.
When slitting machine equipment, due to the shape of the raw material caused by the waist crease, for the middle of the steel plate in the larger stretching of the coil slitting, the unwinding machine is bound to have a waist crease. At this time, we must also pay attention to the use of three roller edge leveling and edge processing can be effectively prevented, this is to ensure the quality of the processing time.

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