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Stainless steel pipe machine - Introduction of the welding process

What is the specific process flow for the welding equipment during the welding process? The following is a brief introduction for Xiaobian. Stainless steel pipe machine, tap water control pipe machine, stainless steel decorative pipe machine
When the pipe welding equipment is further welded, after the coil is fully positioned, the left and right cones of the uncoiler are inserted into the coil and then rotated, and the lead is sent to the clamping roller. The roller is pressed on the roller and rolled. And the magnetic roller can be returned to its original position. In order to ensure that the spring steel belt can be accurately centered, the unwinding machine can move axially by +150mm before it is operated. After the decoiling machine is started, the strip steel enters a straightening machine provided with a dust removing device via a pinch roller. The straightened spring steel strip shears the head and tail of the strip by a sliding hydraulic shear.
In order to ensure the verticality of the end of the shear spring steel strip, at the same time ensure the centering of the strip center line and the working centerline of the unit during welding, and the hydraulic shear shears the front and the rear. After the end of the current roll of spring steel strip and the head of the next roll of steel strip are qualified, the head and tail of the front and rear coils of the two coils are sent to the flash butt welding machine for centering adjustment, fixed seam and flash welding. After the strip head and tail are welded, the weld seam is subjected to finishing and punching, crescent and bending, etc. After the welding and processing are completed, the strip steel is fed into the front looper by the high speed of the roller. The upper strip is supported by several swinging door rollers of the looper, and the lower strip is supported by rollers on the steel track. When the trolley is running, the swinging latch roller is opened and closed by the control of the trolley guide. Stainless steel pipe machine, tap water control pipe machine, stainless steel decorative pipe machine

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