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Analysis of Corrosion Resistance of Cold-Formed Steel

Corrosion resistance of cold-formed steel metal material is closely related to the surface quality of cold-formed steel. Corrosion resistance of cold-formed steel is reflected in its own chemical composition and compactness of the surface and other relevant factors. At present, the application of cold-formed steel is more frequent in life. For example, the application of cold-formed steel in sanitary products such as tableware and kitchen utensils places high quality requirements on the corrosion resistance and surface aesthetics of cold-formed steel.
Abroad, a series of experimental studies have been conducted on the corrosion resistance of cold-formed steel metal materials, using an aqueous solution of sodium chloride to warm up to boiling. After a period of time, the cold-formed steel is poured out of solution and the cold-formed steel material is cleaned and dried. Weighing again can measure corrosion more accurately. The rust that may occur during the cold-formed steel test process is caused by the presence of iron ions in the emery cloth used for polishing the cold-formed steel. The price of cold-formed steel sheet is very high, so the surface quality of cold-formed steel is also very high in use.
However, in the production and transportation of cold-formed steel, it is very difficult to avoid scratches and other pollution, resulting in a serious decline in the surface quality of cold-formed steel, so when the cold-formed steel is polished, this cold-form steel will be disposed of. Therefore, in the cold-formed steel selection process, the cold-formed steel is classified according to the surface quality.
Therefore, when selecting cold-formed steel products, it is necessary to strictly define the surface quality of the cold-formed steel. If cold-formed steel polishing treatment is required, this step becomes even more important. Cold-formed steel Corrosion-resistance Cold-drawn steel exhibits superior performance in application, high level of hygiene, and can maintain the stability of the physical state of the cold-formed steel itself and the cold-formed steel during use to avoid corrosion of the cold-formed steel. And damage.

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