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The type and advantage of cold-formed steel You understand?

Cold-formed steel is the steel plate in the cooling state it is bent into a variety of their own desired shape, cold-formed steel is one of many steel, it is in the normal temperature conditions after the gradual deformation of the roller, and then reach us The required size and shape, and then cut to achieve our desired product, this product is a cold-formed steel.
The advantages of cold-formed steel are also numerous. Its cutting surface, that is, the cross-section can be arbitrarily changed with the needs of the product, the investment cost is low, the production equipment and process requirements are relatively simple, and it can be put into use immediately, and the organization production is very flexible. The length, width and thickness are optional, and there are no problems in mass production. The products produced are fine, the surface is smooth, and the dimensional accuracy is also quite high. Moreover, in the application of materials, cold-formed steel is an efficient and economical section steel. Because of these advantages, cold-formed steel has been widely used in China.
The varieties of cold-formed steels are: steel doors for rolling shutters and steel windows, cold-formed steels for passenger cars, cold-formed steel structures for cold-formed square-corner steel structures used in structures, and profiles for various sections, already in automobiles, railways, agricultural machinery, It has been widely used in industrial and civil industries such as chemical, petroleum, food, textile, medical and container industries. For example: logistics equipment, road traffic, automobile manufacturing, etc.

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