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Design requirements of roller shape in cold-formed steel equipment

Cold forming steel mill manufacture is a product manufactured by a cold-formed forming process. The key to its forming efficiency lies in the shape of the cold-formed steel device itself, including the shape and structure of the roll-formed device. At present, in the cold bending equipment for manufacturing cold-formed steel, the most used is the forming roller, so the final determination of the shape of the forming roller becomes the most important and most complex problem in the forming process of the cold-formed steel.
When designing the roll shape of a cold-formed steel device, the minimum number of passes is required for the cold-formed equipment, and the shape of the roll should be such that the cold-formed steel material can be uniformly and reasonably deformed. At the same time, the vertical and horizontal dimensions of the roller profile should be determined and calculated based on the selected central axis that is constant in each pass.
When the cold-formed steel material passes through each pair of rollers, the bending angle of the steel wall cannot exceed the specified range, otherwise the quality of the product will be affected. When the bending inner diameter is very small, in order to make the cold-formed steel material easy to bend and to be able to calibrate the position of the bending line, it can be pre-rolled on the strip to cool the inside of the contour.

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