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Spiral Weld Pipe Unit Protection Operation and Protection

In the daily production, the following ways can be used to protect the spiral welded pipe unit?
1, pickling. General use of chemical and electrolytic methods to do pickling disposal, pipeline anti-corrosion
With only chemical pickling, scale, rust, and old coatings can be removed, and it can sometimes be used as a re-disposal after sand blasting. Chemical cleaning can, of course, allow the appearance to reach a certain degree of cleanliness and ruggedness, but its anchorage pattern is shallow and it tends to pollute the situation.
2, tool rust. The use of wire brushes and other tools to polish the steel surface can remove loose or tilted oxide scales, rust, welding slag, etc. Hand tool derusting can reach Sa2 level, and the derusting of power tool can reach Sa3 level. If the steel surface is attached with solid iron oxide skin, the rust removal result of the tool is not satisfactory, and the depth of the anchoring pattern required for anti-corrosion construction cannot be achieved.
3, spray rust. Spray rust removal is driven by a high-power motor to drive the high-speed rotation of the spray blades, which makes blasting of steel sand, steel shots, wire segments, minerals, etc., under the effect of centrifugal force. It not only can completely eliminate rust, oxides and dirt. And, under the effect of abrasive ferocious impact and friction force, the steel pipe can reach the required average roughness.

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