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Cold forming steel mill manufacture

With the advantages of stainless steel products becoming more and more obvious, cold-formed steel units are widely used. The cold-bending machine is driven by feeding the cylinders on both sides to swing left and right, and the ribs are driven by the main bending cylinder to drive the middle rack. The processing of positive bending, reverse bending, S-curving, bending of workforms, etc., but various problems occurred in the operation process, resulting in the operation has to be terminated halfway, how to solve it?
One of the first things to do is to perform a test on various instruments of our roll forming machine. The instrument represents an embodiment of the various work data, so it is very important for the entire production that the instrumentation of our roll bending machine is kept in a normal condition.
It may also be that the machine has not been operated according to the operating procedures of the machine, it has not been subjected to regular lubrication, or it has not been lubricated at the wrong time according to the specific conditions, and it needs to be in a dry environment of the machine. Fatigue operation. The machine is not regularly cleaned, some parts have failed and have not been replaced in time, and so on, which can lead to uncontrolled mechanical operations.
After we have done these inspections, we have targeted lubrication of the machine. The cold bending machines must be kept clean. For those parts that are seriously worn, they must be replaced in time. The cold-formed steel machine can be used normally.

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