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Hot dip galvanizing pipe mill

Hot galvanizing line is used to produce corrosion resistance and smooth layer on the surface of raw pipes after cleaning. The main equipments Include,drying oven, heating furnace, galvanizing machine, drawing machine, drawing upward unit, pulling out roller, moving device, internal blowing with steam and air combination,(orgnide rod internal blowing) laying flat device, cooling tank, spraying conveyor. mark conveyor, blue ring machine, electrical device and so on. Wanxin company can produce hot galvanizing pipe mill spec ranges between 1/2 inch to 10 inches.

Hot dip galvanizing pipe millHot dip galvanizing pipe mill


Process flow

Hot dip galvanizing pipe mill

Model list

Hot dip galvanizing pipe mill


» Pre-processing (pickling tanks and heating systems, solvent filter, pickling shed and acid fog absorption system)

» Drying stove device                              » Heating furnace                            » Galvanizing machine

» Pipe drawing out machine                    » Drawing forth device                    » Drawing up conveyor

» Transverse-move device                       » Inner blowing machine                 » Tube leveling device

» Cooling tank                                         » Spraying conveyor                         » Marking conveyor

» Automatic blue ribbon machine           » Electric control parts

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