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Hydraulic tester

Hydraulic tester is mainly used for making pressure test for welded pipes, it adopts Polyurethane end face seal, sets with oil-water balance system. The testing result will be recorded, stored and printed by computer. It owns steady pressure maintaining and high safety features etc.

Hydraulic tester

Hydraulic tester


A key step in the hydraulic tester is to maintain a balance between the oil pressure outside the pipe and the water pressure within it. This is done via an oil-water balance system. Test results are recorded, stored, and printed out using the computer. Wanxin hydraulic tester delivers maximum safety and reliability in pressure maintenance.

Model list:

Hydraulic tester


» Uncoiler                   » Pinching and leveling machine        » Shear end/welder

» Accumulator            » Inner deburring equipment              » Computer flying saw

» Hydraulic tester       » Straightenning machine                   » Pipe end facing and chamfering machine 

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