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Direct forming line

Direct forming line for square and rectangular tubes

30F-400F direct forming line for square and rectangular tube, can carry out the forming change operation in a very short time and without any replacement of rolls, reduce the roll input about 60%. This equipment presents a great innovation compared to the past because the DIRECT FORMING SYSTEM is applied to any part of the production line: FORMING – WELDING – SIZING –STRAIGHTENING. The line set up is totally automatic. Moreover, the square or rectangular shaping is directly carried out before the tube welding, with important advantages in terms of power and material cost reduction.


 Great flexibility, without any roll change for any mill size. Only need 10-15 minutes to replace one specification, reduce the installation time and lower the labor intensity.

• Increase of productivity and reduction of stock and relative costs.

 Reduction of manpower thanks to the complete automatization of the mill operation and adjustments.

 Easy maintenance.

 Welded tube with automatic adjustment of each production specifications, displayed on the screen.

 Total installation capacity is reduced about 40% than ordinary unit.

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